Chicken Enchiladas

Here’s a quick and simple yet sophisticated meal too woo your date.

What you need:
Courgette (half)
Pepper (3/4 or 1/4 of three different)
Mushrooms (3)
Onion (1 whole)
Chicken Breast (4)
Grated Cheese
Jar of Tomato Bolognese sauce
Tortilla wraps (Recipe makes 8)019

Chop the chicken into either slices or dice them, boil them in a pan of water until cooked. If chopping fresh chicken is too hard or takes to long, boil the chicken first then chop the chicken.


While the chicken is cooking dice up the veg and add to a dry pan with a little oil an fry.


Once the chicken has cooked, drain the chicken and add to the veg and fry for 5 minutes.


Add in 3/4 of the sauce and stir until all the chicken and veg are covered (I added in a tin of carrots and half a tin of sweetcorn).


While¬†that’s¬†cooking, place the rest of the sauce in a microwaveable dish and microwave for about 1 minute. Use a little water in the jar to remove any excess.

Time to make the wraps. Take one tortilla at a time, take some of the mixture and place to one side, not in the middle like so.


Roll the tortilla and place in an oven proof dish. Once all the wraps are in the dish take the sauce from the micro wave and pour ontop and sprinkle on some cheese.


Place in the oven for about 30/40 mintues on gas mark 6 or until all the cheese has melted and the edges of the tortillas are hard.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the finished meal. Forgot to take a picture, I’ll take one next time I make this recipe.


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