Lets Go Nude

I think it is time to go nude, don’t you?

Nudes have always been in, cannot go wrong with the nude pallet, they suit everyone’s skin tones.

Lets Go Nude A Little Glam
Nudes are simple to work with. Take this effortless nude dress. On it’s own it’ll be an amazing piece pairing with some heels. But I’m going to dress the outfit up a little by adding a leather look jacket. A leather jacket will give the outfit a more edgy look. Still staying with the nudes, I’ve picked nude platform heels.Accessories can play a big part in an outfit and can change the way it looks. I’ve gone for feminine accessories which include a watch, a cross-body quilted bag (I recommend the bag to be worn on one shoulder and not across the body.) Not one but two gold rings either one on each hand or the two together. Both great looks. Finally two bracelets, one is a stretch flower bracelet and the other is a charm bracelet.

Clothing Used
Dress – Boohoo – £25.00
Jacket – Forever 21 – £40.75
Platform Heels – Debenhams – £25.00
Bag – Forever 21 – £22.75
Watch – Debenhams – £12.50
Flower Bracelet – BHS – £7.50
Charm Bracelet – Dorothy Perkins – £3.25
Spiked Ring – ASOS – £8.00
Stacked Ring – Accessorize – £10.00
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