Road Trip

Who’s up for a road trip? I know I am. I’ve always wanted to road trip across America it’s one of the main things to do on my bucket list. As your probably well aware that america is pretty hot right? well that was my inspiration for this outfit.

Road Trip A Little Glam

So starting with a simple shorts and tank top. Everyone likes comfort when in a car. Again sticking with the comfort I’ve gone for classic converse. Okay so I know america isn’t that hot so I’ve added a light cardigan. I’ve gone for like earthy colours as when I think of a road trip I think of like route 66 and all the sand. I’ve added simple bracelets and a nice nude ring.

Clothing used

Tank top – Matalan – £6.00
Shorts – Forever 21 – £10.50
Cardigan – Matalan – £35.00
Converse – Office – £42.00
Bracelet – New Look – £3.00
Ring – New Look – £2.00


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