Summers Coming

Summers almost here and with the warmer weather recently I’ve gone for a simple outfit that you could wear no matter what the weather is.

Summers Coming A Little Glam

I picked this polo because of the contrast between the patches and the navy collar. The colour is also a factor because summer is nearly here and white is such a nice colour to wear when the sun is shining. A pair of skinny jeans because slim fit jeans go with most polo shirts and shirts. They are very affordable pair of jeans compared to other brands. These white studded sneakers are one of the most fashionable shoes out there. These will go nicely with anything you wear and impress the ladies. Goes very nicely with the white polo shirt. Finally picked this because bracelets are in at the moment for guys, girls will like the fact the you have a sense of fashion and are up to date with the trends this season.

Clothing Used

Jeans – Zara – £39.99
Polo – River Island – £22.oo
Shoes – Zara – £49.99
Bracelet – asos – £6.99


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