Time To Be Sporty

So my inspiration for this outfit was…. Wales. I know that St David’s day is coming up soon and for the welsh,I thought I would incorporate them into this outfit. Okay so I know that the colours aint exactly right and that but it was worth a shot. Still, When I think of wales it’s rugby that springs to mind so I’ve gone for a sporty look with hints or green and white.

Time To Be Sporty A Little Glam

So turning a dress sporty can be a little challenging so here’s how I done it. First I added a grey hoody, Baggy ones are best so go for a size up if you cant find a baggy one. Leather is going to be in this year but some people can be reluctant to try it so I’ve chosen a jacket with just leather sleeves. Then the shoes, This was a difficult task trying to find the type of shoes I waned but in the end I settles for these, which are actually wedges in a hi-top form, cool right? To finish off I just added some bright bracelets with studs.

Clothing Used

Dress – asos – £15.00
Hoody – BooHoo – £10.00
Jacket – Debenhams – £14.40
Wedges – asos – £39.00
Bracelets – Topshop – £10.00


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