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Firstly I think it’s only fair to tell you my aim for this blog. Living in a family where money isn’t an issue must be pretty relaxing, being able to treat yourself to this and to that but for me that really ins’t the case. So I decided to start this blog for those that are like me and prove that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look and feel good.

My blog will mostly be about fashion as that’s what I’m most passionate about, But there will be the odd nail tutorial, diy, recipes and anything else along those lines. Although as far as make up goes, I wont be doing any or very little, I might have a few reviews here and there on make up products, but I personally don’t wear a lot nor do I like to wear a lot.

So now I have  my aim for the blog and what it will include outta the way time for some boring stuff about how I got into fashion and styling.

Growing up I was mainly a tomboy (having 3 big brother didn’t help.) I do remember at times my mum did tried to put me in dresses, try putting bows and bobbles with little animals attached to them in my hair and making me a girly girl. But I would always somehow at the end of the day end up in jeans, shorts and baggy tops. I think it was not until I attended high school when I did become a little girly, experimenting with makeup and hair strengtheners.

I think I was around 15 when I truly got into fashion, at first I started doing a little site where I would suggest similar items for what some celebrities would wear I done this for about a year but wasn’t very successful. Then about a year or so later started to watch a show where designers would compete for the chance to win their own label (I forget the name of the show, America’s next top designer I think.) I thought I would give it ago, so out came my pencil and paper and I would spend most nights designing (I was not a good drawer.) Again this lasted about a year, truth be told I ran out of paper and kept forgetting to get more. Then came my exams, then college so my ‘fashion career’ was put on hold.

It wasn’t until I left college when I started to wonder ‘what am I going to do as a job?’ I didn’t fancy being stuck behind a desk all day, after two years of that I wanted something different, something challenging. I remember one morning in September I was laying in bed and I was thinking about my future, what I wanted to do etc etc. Then I remember when I was big into my fashion a few years back. This is what kicked my ‘Fashion Career’ off again, I remember how fun it actually was to sit there and look through pages and pages of clothes, even designing them myself. Going back to when I would suggest clothing for a certain outfit that a certain celeb was wearing, I used a site,www.polyvore.com. I was not good with photo imaging back then. So I decided to go on this website and have a wonder around, looking at all my old ‘creations’ then it came to me that I should do something similar but there are many sites out there today that show you suggestions for what celebrities are wearing so I decided that I would style my own clothes. This became easy after a while, so I set myself a little challenge. Try to make a complete outfit for certain occasions on a budget.

This was it I had found what I wanted to do, become a stylist. One problem. HOW? I could sit at my computer day after day coming up with new outfits and publishing them to the site for a few people to see. But was this really how I would get my career as a stylist. Not many people know of the site and if you don’t tell people about the site it’s hard to get noticed.
Then I was online looking for a job, I thought I would have to start somewhere, why not at the bottom and work up at least it would be a start.. right? So I was looking for a job when I stumbled on a position called a visual merchandiser. Yano the ones that dress the mannequins on the shop floor. Great I could apply for that position. Wrong. Apparently my many weeks of creating outfits online doesn’t count for anything when applying for a stylist job. Neither the less I’m still trying to find a styling job, wither it a personal shopper or a visual merchandiser, I will find one. Until then I have the pleasure of showing you what I know about fashion.
So that’s a little (well more than I had hoped) about how I got into fashion.
So after all that, if your still reading this then I thank you for taking such an interest in me and I hope you find this site interesting.

2 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. I’m still working on my fashionphobia. I mostly wore boy clothes when I was younger and didn’t start wearing dresses and high heels until I went off to college. I think your blog is off to a great start and will inspire so many people. It’s always hard to stick to one main topic, but as long as you’re being yourself and having fun, that is all that matters. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for taking part in Sexy Day Challenge. Can’t wait to see what your next Sexy Day Challenge will be…………Healthy, Happy Journey!

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